About me

“It is neither a soul nor a body that one is training, but a man; the two must not be separated”. Montaigne

I took up playing the violin at the age of 6. Therefore, this instrument always accompanied me wherever I was living: in France, China and then Spain. My life was marked out by concerts where I had the chance and privilege to play with major orchestras in exceptional places such as the Cultural Centre Concert Hall in Hong Kong or the Auditorio Nacional in Madrid.


On one day of an intensive rehearsal, I felt a sharp pain in my upper back, which eventually led me to discover the GYROTONIC® exercice methodology. Not only had my pain disappeared as if by magic, but I also discovered a wonderful teaching, a holistic approach to movement that incorporates a search for physical and mental harmony: the connection between the mind and body to provide a conscious movement performed with freedom and fluidity.


I then began to develop a second life in which I combined Complementary therapies that I had discovered in Asia and those I had learned in Spain, to a sporting discipline focused on lengthening and strengthening muscles through a proprioceptive movement awareness.



Now enhanced and enriched by this experience, I wish to share the idea that a sporting activity can not be understood in isolation, as a simple technique, but should rather be practiced with a holistic approach to reestablish balance between body, mind and spirit, restoring self-confidence and helping to improve our health.


Thus I founded Feelharmony studio, for all those who wish to find more harmony in their daily life, seeking a made-to-measure and personalised sport activity and people who wish to better know the services I can offer whose common essence is a holistic approach to the person:


  • Practice of sports that offer the GYROTONIC®  and GYROKINESIS® methods.
  • Massage and body treatments such as Quiromassage, Ayurvedic Head massage and Japanese facial CosmoLifting .
  • Reiki, a healing complementary therapy that rebalances energy.


For further information, I invite you to review the services I provide through my website. Feel free to contact me if you need further information, I would be happy to help you and determine how we can improve your health.

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