Gyrokinesis® Method

This is the essence of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® methodology, which was developed by its creator,  Juliu Horvath


These exercises are performed on the floor without using any equipment. They have their roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, Swimming, Gymnastics and Dance.


During a GYROKINESIS® class, the whole body is solicited through a series of rhythmic and undulating movements associated with specific breathing patterns. The postures are not held long in order to bring fluidity and harmony to movements, lengthening and strengthening muscles.


The body work is carried out in all directions of space, starting from the 7 natural movements of the spine: flexion and extension, lateral inclination (right, left), rotations (right, left) and circles to mobilise and gently decompress joints while stretching and strengthening the muscles.


Thanks to the practice of GYROKINESIS® exercises, our nervous system is stimulated and the bloodstream is deeply oxygenated. We also develop our body awareness, we improve flexibility and coordination while paying particular attention to the movements of the spine and its entire joint structure.


This is a wonderful and very complete discipline that provides harmony and musicality in our body.


Within Feelharmony studio, GYROKINESIS® classes have a duration of 1 hour or 1h30. I provide individual or duo sessions to propose high-quality training with personalised and made-to-measure coaching.


I am a certified GYROKINESIS® trainer, I obtained my degree in 2013 from GYROKINESIS® Eaglenest which is the international training centre for the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® methodology, in Münstertal, Germany.

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