Our body reveals our inner character and the way we face the world.
The  GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® methodology offers tremendous opportunities to help us to become aware of our body structure and to understand its limitations.

Thanks to this technique which consists of gentle and progressive exercises, we can achieve a new internal balance, infuse new energies and stir up fresh body emotions while gaining flexibility and muscle tone.

When managing to reduce muscular and emotional tensions, naturalness and spontaneity of the movement are revealed to us.

The  GYROKINESIS® method (floor workout without equipment) and  GYROTONIC® exercises (with equipment) are a modality of complementary exercises that are part of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® methodology. It was created in the 1980s by  Juliu Horvath, Romanian dancer who searched for a way to rehabilitate his injury and created his own unique exercise method.

The two methods help lengthen and strengthen the muscles, improving coordination and flexibility, in order to achieve physical and mental balance.

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