Japanese CosmoLifting

The face, a reflection of our soul, reveals our health.

The  Japanese CosmoLifting  is a revolutionary facial treatment developed by the Institute of  Facial Reflexology Lone Sorensen™: it caters for both women and men.

It subtly combines the therapeutic side, thanks to acupressure points in order to rebalance the body, as well as the aesthetic side by toning and retensing the entire facial muscles. It provides a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of intense well-being .

Japanese CosmoLifting is a  holistic therapy  practiced manually and in a natural way, which acts simultaneously on our physical and emotional underlying imbalances, using the techniques from Facial reflexology applied successfully to Cosmetology, to promote our well-being.

Beyond the benefits on physical imbalances, the effects of the therapy are immediately reflected on the face, achieving outstanding results on the appearance of the skin. Through a combination of specific strokes applied to the facial muscles, skin and deep tissue are naturally toned and facial muscles are tensed, literally “lifting” the face to make it feel and look smoother, more toned.

Thanks to the various acupressure points applied gently on the face, the facial nerves are stimulated producing an immediate reflection on the organs that are connected to them. As well as encouraging lymphatic drainage, the massage techniques also stimulate blood flow and muscles, helping to build up new skin tissue and improve skin tone.

Gradually, the body’s energy channels open, allowing us to regulate our emotional state.

Within  Feelharmony studio, the Japanese facial CosmoLifting lasts for 1h30. To facilitate and increase the benefits of the treatment, I use 100% pure organic Rosa Mosqueta oil that offers many beneficial properties for the skin, making it radiant, bright and soft .

The therapeutic virtues of Japanese CosmoLifting make it  one of the best available non-invasive techniques, developed to rejuvenate the appearance of the face, regain freshness and tone it in a 100% natural way:

  • Rejuvenates, tones and tenses the face by improving the skin texture and reducing the light and deep wrinkles.
  • Illuminates and refreshes the skin .
  • Regulates the humidity level of the skin.
  • Improves the overall health of the body, by stimulating acupressure points that also affect our emotional state.

I took the Japanese CosmoLifting course in Madrid in 2014, where I obtained my diploma from the Institute of Facial Reflexology™ Lone Sorensen .