“Oil Pulling“, does it sound familiar? You might have heard of it, because thanks to its many followers, the therapy has now spread around the world and has been met with tremendous success! As for me, it has been over a couple of years since I started practicing the Ayurvedic method and I am so thrilled that I would like to share with you its wonderful benefits. At least, for those who do not yet know …

“Oil Pulling” is therefore an ancient Ayurvedic practice which consists of rinsing the mouth with vegetable oil to improve our oral hygiene while detoxing our bodies.

Considered as a complementary therapy, this 100% natural method can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Its practice is very simple and provides significant results in overall health. More specifically, it improves our oral hygiene, itself in direct relation to the intestinal flora, thus promoting the prevention and treatment of a number of conditions and diseases we may suffer.

Long ago, Ayurvedic medicine had revealed a simple healing process, by discovering that mouthwashes with vegetable oil not only improved oral hygiene and chronic dental conditions, but it also restored and maintained our overall health. Let’s see how : vegetable oil and the action of saliva attract germs, dissolve bacteria and eliminate toxins and parasites that are found in our mouths and our intestinal flora , therefore contributing significantly to improving our immune system. The technique was so simple that it had been almost forgotten when a Physician, Dr. F. Karach, after successfully following the method in his medical practice, he made it known to the general public.

He presented the “Oil Pulling” therapy in 1990 during a seminar in Ukraine to a group of oncologists and bacteriologists. In a nutshell, principles can be summarised as follows:

  • As the gums in our mouth act as a direct access to the bloodstream, they can become blocked by all the food we consume on a daily basis. The teeth are related to many organs, glands and tissues that transform our body into a veritable network of operational exchanges. When we suffer from disorders localised in the mouth, they can spread to other body parts. This can have a detrimental effect on the health of our immune system by creating toxins that contribute to the degradation of our tissues and organs.
  • The mouth washes thanks to vegetable oil (and saliva) eliminate teeth and gum toxins (without damaging it), including those from other parts of the body, while allowing natural systems to take their course to restore health. Vegetable oil acts asa true purifying agent, enabling the body to get rid of bacteria.

It is through such process that the therapy has developed and extended, conquering the Western world.


  • Significantly improves our oral health: removes bacterial plaque; prevents cavities, gingivitis and bleeding gums while strengthening them; remineralises tooth enamel and whitens teeth.
  • Spectacularly purifying facial skin which becomes significantly more radiant.
  • Helps to relieve asthma, psoriasis eczema, acne and skin disorders in general.
  • Unblocks the sinuses; clearing mucus plugs in the airways and pulmonary congestion .
  • Relieves headaches and migraines.
  • Promotes sleep


Treatment should be carried out at least once a day, ideally on a daily basis. If you want to speed up the healing process in case of illnesses, you can repeat the treatment 3 times a day, but always at least four hours after the last meal.

  1. In the morning on waking, fasting, pour into the mouth 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin organic coconut oil (from first cold pressing).You can also use sesame oil, sunflower oil or olive oil, but make sure that they are always high quality oils. I recommend using preferably coconut oil because of its particularly sweet flavour but more especially for the many therapeutic benefits it offers: it contains, among others, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and strengthens our immune system (thanks to its lauric acid).
  1. Put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and move it with your tongue around the teeth, gums and the inside of your mouth without swallowing it,moving the oil around regularly for 15 to 20 minutes, like a mouthwash. Do not tilt your head backwards to gargle so that you avoid swallowing the oil already loaded with toxins ! Remember that if you live in a place where it is cold, coconut oil solidifies below 25ºC.
  1. After 20 minutes, spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Then brush your teeth well .

In the first instance, you may experience difficulties keeping the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Don’t worry, it is entirely normal. If you find that it is unbearable, spit oil out and repeat the process with another tablespoon of coconut oil until you reach a total of 20 minutes to get the most out of the treatment. You will find that gradually you get used to it and better yet you will eventually fully appreciate it: a simple, inexpensive and very effective method!

Happy Oil Pulling and Merry Christmas !