Testimonials about Feelharmony studio

“I can brag about being perhaps the most versatile student and at every stage, I always appreciated Elodie’s professionalism and her extreme attention. When I was pregnant, I could practice the GYROTONIC® exercises up to my 8th month of pregnancy in a permanent state of security and sweetness.

Following major surgery and during a long period of convalescence, I tried out Reiki which gave me a tremendous feeling of warmth and peace at a time when I was suffering a lot, before I was able to restart GYROTONIC® classes, later and smoothly, to recover a toned body and discover unknown muscles!

Not to mention the massages where you sink into heaven to come out sparkling as never before!

Every moment Elodie is 200% devoted, thanks to her exceptional listening skills, sense of observation and her seamless pedagogy provided with angelic patience. Talents that are not given to everyone.
I wish Feelharmony a long and successful life!“



“In a period of severe tension, I took a Reiki session with Elodie. Beyond a moment of deep relaxation, she managed to dilute my stress through her expertise. It is amazing how she manages with her hands and without any manipulation, to transmit serenity and comfort.
Thank you!”



“I have an activity that forces me to travel extensively, taking several planes every week and the accumulated stress and discomfort caused by these trips have affected me physically.
After my first Quiromassage session with Elodie, I have to admit that my muscular tension and lockings had almost disappeared. After a second session that brought me into mental and physical relaxation, these discomforts had totally vanished.
It did me the world of good and therefore I urge those suffering from stress and its related physical pains, to follow my example and ask for a Quiromassage session with Elodie .
Thank you again and see you soon! “



“I am not very active by nature, but thanks to Elodie’s expertise with the GYROTONIC® method, I discovered a new way to inhabit my body. The progress I have made ​​and the assurance of doing effective exercises adapted to my needs, have created in me a sense of real motivation.
It is with great pleasure that I practice GYROTONIC® exercises 3 times a week, which does me the world of good, both physically and morally!!! “



“I am one of those who can not let go … Thanks to the Japanese CosmoLifting massage that Elodie gave me, I reached a state of deep relaxation like never before … and the soothing benefits of the treatment persisted in time: the following days, I was able to cope much better with work induced stress  … I want to repeat it as soon as possible ! “


“After several months of GYROTONIC® training with Elodie, I noticed that I recovered a physical well-being: I have reshaped my abs and I have a better posture!
As well as a great ability to listen, Elodie knows how to adjust the class accordingly to my physical or emotional conditions. This is why each class is so beneficial because it allows me to recharge energies until the next class, to better cope with the stress related to my everyday life!”


” I lead an intense working life where I constantly travel from one plane to another…accumulating the time differences and the inherent problems of tiredness! One year ago, the stress of my work led me to have some Reiki sessions with Elodie.
I did not know very well what it was and what real benefits this would bring me …
After each session of Reiki, I rebalance my energies, I feel relaxed, calmer and what is more, the beneficial effects last for several months!
Elodie is very professional and she helps me to achieve the results I could not reach by myself. This is why I highly recommend you to experience the benefits of Reiki with Elodie ”
Jean Michel



“I had surgery for a double disc hernia (lumbar and cervical areas) in April 2013 and I stopped any sports activity during the next 6 months. I knew Elodie as a friend and I had also heard of her GYROTONIC® classes from other students. So I started taking private lessons with Elodie. I came with some trepidation because I did not know the possible consequences especially on the screws set in my back. We started with very gentle exercises, rotations and stretching, to which others were gradually added as I progressed in difficulty.
I can say I did not expect that this type of exercises to be so full (and tiring!), while they are practiced smoothly and in relaxation. After only a dozen sessions, I felt a marked improvement on my mobility and my flexibility, combined with comprehensive work stretching muscle tone: this is why I have no hesitation in recommending the practice of GYROTONIC® method. Furthermore, Elodie is a super coach, who always encouraged me despite my difficulties, always cheerful and charming.”