I believe in the virtues of complementary therapies because they help us in a natural and profound way to value ourselves, restoring and maintaining an intimate connection that teaches us to live better with our very being and that “brings us back home”.

They enable a holistic approach through harmonious and sustainable collaboration between our body, emotions, mind and spirit, to help us to feel more connected and involved in our daily activities, inking in us a stronger sense of self-esteem.

They instill a new physical and emotional balance that strengthens our ability and skill as a unique person, which allows us to enhance our energy to perform with great confidence in all that we hold dear.

They help to improve our overall health through a comprehensive approach. They invite us to promote our health and adopt a healthy lifestyle, cultivating a series of simple beneficial principles: putting aside time for physical exercise, following a healthy and natural nutrition, appreciating beauty and devoting time to rest and relaxation.

Within  Feelharmony studio, you will find a space entirely dedicated to your well-being, where I share my personal experience with enthusiasm and my knowledge acquired through various holistic disciplines that I provide and whose common essence contributes to improving your health: body massages with  Quiromassage, facial reflexology massages with Japanese CosmoLifting  and Ayurvedic head massage, as well as  Reiki which is a healing complementary therapy that rebalances energy