Feelharmony studio

Feelharmony studio  is a space entirely dedicated to your well-being, where I share my personal experience with enthusiasm and my knowledge acquired through various holistic disciplines that I provide, whose common essence contributes to improving your health: 

– Practice of fitness disciplines such as  GYROTONIC® and  GYROKINESIS®  exercise methods (The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® methodology) that help to stretch and strengthen muscles, correct postural imbalances, relieve tension, improve coordination and increase flexibility in order to achieve a physical, mental and spiritual balance. 

– Complementary therapies that provide many health benefits and generate new physical and emotional balance, such as body massages with  Quiromassage, facial massages with  Japanese CosmoLifting  or  Ayurvedic head massage  and  Reiki  healing energy therapy. 

Intended for all those who wish to find more harmony in their daily life and seek a made-to-measure and personalised sport activity, I invite you to review the services I provide at Feelharmony studio  where I would be delighted to help you. 

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